Here are some links to things that I enjoy and/or find useful.
General Links for studies in Xenolitics

dark_bullet Ernst Haekle's "Art Forms in Nature. All of it online.

dark_bullet Here is the best search engine on the net!

dark_bullet Of all the One true ways to enlightenment, "Bob's" is the most fun. The Church of the SubGenius. You have heard it mentioned in hushed tones in back alleys, now experoence it for yourself!

dark_bullet Here is a source of free (and some not free) e-texts of older natural history books. I find them useful for research.

(dark_bulletDead Link!!)

dark_bulletDonna Kossy!!! The Kooks Museum and Book Happy pages. Must See!

dark_bullet Cylinder recordings preserved as MP3 and Real Audio!

dark_bullet Laser Pointer Holography!

dark_bullet Masonic pranks for college boys

dark_bullet Things not working out for you as you had hoped? Maybe you need a good luck charm. These guys got 'em.

dark_bullet On the off chance that there isn't already too much stupid fun crap in your life, this way to the celebrated Archie McPhee company!

dark_bullet Need to build, buy or repair a robot? This is your place.

dark_bullet Mysterious SNIFF Island!!! Must See!

dark_bullet Daguerrotypes!

dark_bullet A really cool site for the 3-D and stereoscopic enthusiast!!!(dark_bulletDead Link!!)

dark_bullet Project Gutenberg. The classics in e-text form.

dark_bullet Social Insects!!!!

dark_bullet The amazing randi, world's formost debunker. Antidote to the X-Files Philes

dark_bullet Television images from the dawn of time!

dark_bullet Instructions and parts for actually building your own mechanical television system! I get all misty even thinking about it. (dark_bulletDead Link!!)

dark_bullet My pal Xeth! Really cool shockwave cartoons. Check out Bulbo!

dark_bullet More than you want to know about Olaf Stapledon (dark_bulletDead Link!!)

dark_bullet Don't know EXACTLY what kind of nudibranch you've got? This is the place to go.

dark_bullet Great old music in MIDI format

dark_bullet Shrunken Heads. Need I say more?

dark_bullet Information that every alchemist needs

dark_bullet Where to get great classic style bicycles!

dark_bullet My pal, Ruggles Smadbeck. His page is a must see and a grand doorway into the arcane! (dark_bulletDead Link!! But will be up again soon!)


Parallel History Links

dark_bullet Pteranodon's page. This is a very useful site for history in general as well as alternate history

dark_bullet The Path Not Taken. This guy has some interesting scenarios

(dark_bulletDead Link!!)

dark_bullet David Johnson. Trolley world and an outstanding links page!

dark_bullet More.

dark_bullet Even more.