Rodinian Ode



Now it’s time to raise a song

to that continent of old,

That ruled the world when life was young,

but tectonics would remold.


Rodinia! Rodinia!

You barren, ancient land!

A zillion square kilometers of snow, rock, ice and sand!


Your air was nigh unbreathable,

your prairies free of green.

 on your mountains lofty prominence,

no mountain goats were seen.


Rodinia! Rodinia!

On your shores none ever walked!

A zillion square kilometers of ice, sand, snow and rock!


The Panthallasic Ocean rippled

by your sun-baked coast

where squishy, brainless critters

would strand themselves and roast.


Rodinia! Rodinia!

Where naught would ever grow!

A zillion square kilometers of ice, rock, sand and snow!


You were a most unpleasant place

where no flowers ever grew

But there surely was a lot of you

 and that counts for something too!


Rodinia! Rodinia!

I still think you were kind of nice

A zillion square kilometers of rock, snow, sand and ice!